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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A little bit

My posting habits have flagged, it's true. What can I say? Blogging for even very little money trumps blogging for one's own precious ego...but just barely.

But I couldn't resist not sharing this. I love Gmail, though I do find it really creepy how their ads will match keywords in my personal correspondence--helpfully providing me with a link to try Free TastyKake peanut butter snacks from an email with my mom's banana bread recipe. This link makes enough sense, though the same email did prompt an ad for a Harry Potter trivia website. Which, while alarmingly accurate to my taste, is only tangentially so. I guess one too many searches for "Snape is good" has left my computer permanently stained with nerdiness.

Yet today's magical ad association took the TastyKake for pithy social observation. I subscribe to dictionary.com's Word of the Day email, which means a list of huge words I could never actually use in conversation, even if I could remember then for longer than 5 seconds, gradually fills my inbox. Today's word was obstreperous, meaning "noisy, clamorous, or boisterous." In the face of such an email, my Google ads beseeched me to "Stop Condescending!" directing me to YourBadHabits.com, a website devoted to curing people of their grating patronization of the rest of humanity. Ah, beautiful.


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