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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One Track Mind

Happily, that track is cancelled sitcoms. Thanks, College Degree!

Today's mining of meaningless pop culture when I should be working comes in the form of an imagined scenario. First, read this from Salon's The Fix:

Money Quote:
John Stamos, who graduated from Uncle Jesse on "Full House" to an
intern on "ER," says the old "House" crew still stays close: "The cast
is all a pretty solid group of people -- we've all gone through stuff
together, Mary-Kate's stuff and the occasional rehab. We go to dinner
a couple of times a year, and I talk to Dave Coulier and Bob Saget
almost every day. Bob's such a pain! He calls to tell me he's too busy
to talk. He's got a game show! I said, 'Lighten up! I'm saving lives
on TV!'" (Ladies' Home Journal)

ALMOST EVERY DAY??? Does it go like this:

Dave: my life sucks.
John: I married a model!
Dave: Will you buy me a pizza?
John: I better go take my meeting with Clooney!

Bob: Sometimes I try to make myself relevant again.
John: I get paid to make out with hot actresses!
Bob: Maybe I shouldn't have done those America's Funniest voiceovers...
John: I was in a Broadway show!

Dave: I wish I could do more of those America's Funniest voiceovers...
John: My trailer is nicer than your house!



Blogger Vincent Perea said...

You forgot to throw in Dave's occasional Popeye laugh. As in:

John: I'm freakin' awesome on Er
Dave: Hope I die soon, AGK AK AK AK AK

4:21 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

Ha!!! You win.

9:17 PM  

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